Monday, March 30, 2015

hep-dada #2

Another transparently fake paper, posted to vixra. Maybe they are coming from David Simmons-Duffin, the inventor of snarxiv, or even from Andrew Bulhak, who wrote the original Postmodernism Generator. Anyway, it gets old fast.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


This blog was originally inspired by the parodies of arxiv abstracts produced by snarxiv. snarxiv in turn reminded me of the Postmodernism Server, which generated whole essays written in bland postmodernese. Now the wheel has turned further and someone has posted to vixra a whole "paper", expanding on a snarxiv-like abstract.

Coincidentally, the Italian net.artist Roberta Betti recently took to tweeting out the text of imaginary papers in mathematics, complete with the typographic mangling produced e.g. by viewing Google's cached copy of such a document. Behold "Canonically Stochastic Fibonacci Spaces Over Matrices", "Existence In Real Logic", and "On the Integrability of Universally Parabolic Lines". Could Betti (aka Stalagmathron) be behind the new vixra paper by "Baruch Seiberg and Claude Witten"? Has someone written a script which generates full-length snarxiv papers? Will vixra now be spammed with cheap machine dada? Time will tell.

edit: @Stalagmathron has disappeared, but some of Betti's earlier work lives on at