Sunday, June 27, 2021

Ideas, right and wrong

There are many things that I could or should post about here. I must mention the terrible news of Marni Sheppeard's death, which is a loss in so many ways. I blog about her when I can. 

There is also a backlog of ideas, waiting to be analysed and sorted. Today I just wanted to mention two lines of thought. 

One is the potential harmony between Rivero's sBootstrap, Dienes's misaligned supersymmetry, and the Veltman-like sum rule of Lopez-Castro - Pestieau - Garces Doz. 

The other is a cluster of thoughts about how to explain the 313 MeV scale in Brannen's version of the Koide formula. The main thought is: maybe it's a kind of Goldberger-Treiman relation. I think that thought is promising. 

Then there are some other thoughts about it which are surely wrong, but which I shall mention here. One is: what if the charged leptons are different forms of a mesino with a rest mass of 626 MeV, undergoing relativistic periodic motion in compact extra dimensions. You may ask: that's alright for the tauon, but what about the electron and muon, whose mass is less than that? Well, the "answer" is that they have imaginary momentum in the extra dimensions, and that overall there are three complex extra dimensions, like a Calabi-Yau... There's no way this is true, but it was too cute to not mention. 

My other wrong thought is this: If you take the trace of Brannen's mass matrix, you find that the sum of electron, muon, and tauon masses, equals two times a nucleon mass. But what if it's really a proton mass plus a neutron mass - the two members of the nucleon isospin doublet? Again, I think it's a cute idea, but it seems very unlikely that this is where the factor of 2 comes from.