Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Vixra oddities of 2019

Obviously I focus on physics here, but sometimes I like to sample some of the other oddities that show up on vixra...

2800+ pages of "a novel hermeneutical science", written in the dense frantic style of someone overflowing with thoughts. Could it be as significant as Hegel or Heisman? Someone would have to try to read it, to find out.

200+ "refutations" of everything under the sun, apparently derived by a system of logic original to the author.

Glimpse of the neo-Vedic world civilization that could exist 500 years from now, latest work of S.V. Balasubramanian, himself a glimpse of the kind of ideas that contemporary India can produce.

A numerologically rich revision of today's physics from small to large, that incorporates the "Kotov cycle" and the "Sternheimer Biological scale factor". What gets me is that there are nine authors. Usually something like this is the work of one person. Though it's always possible that some of those coauthors are there without their consent; there is a note at the end from Atiyah saying, "please do not use my name in any way other than referencing a published paper"...