Saturday, October 22, 2011

Faster than nothing

"Mr Nothing", whose ideas were first discussed on this blog back in July, has released a paper on OPERA's superluminal neutrinos. He actually has an equation which fits OPERA, MINOS, and SN1987A, something which only a few other theorists can do. :-)

(The equation is on page 5, number 6.1. All the energy dependence is in the factor "ln(E/Eμ)".)


  1. Hello, Mitchell

    "Opera Experiment: Superluminals Muonic Neutrinos and Cherenkov Radiation"

    Thanks you very much

  2. Mitchell,

    I don't understand the first bit of this gibberish you spout, but I thank you for sharing "Sensism" with the Moldbug readership, among which myself. The man was no crank, or only in the functional sense of one speaking an idiolect.

    "When the worse beget the most, the most vote that all are equal."

    Doesn't sound weird or opaque to me.