Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dark matter and powers of two

This post will mention my very own crackpot idea!

Right now we have some blog coverage (Reference Frame, Resonaances) of a paper claiming a signal of dark matter annihilation in the galactic center, producing gamma rays of about 130 GeV.

Now, a few years back there was a claim of "lepton jets" that might be produced by "three new states with energies 15 GeV, 7.3 GeV, and 3.6 GeV. The heavier states cascade decay to the lighter ones while the lightest one decays into a tau pair after 20 ps or so: so the 15 GeV particle should decay to 8 tau's! To say that the masses of some dark sector states should be fine-tuned to be 2m_tau, 4m_tau, and 8m_tau surely looks bizarre." (Quote from Lubos Motl.)

Now I notice that this new claim of 130 GeV, plus or minus a few GeV [*], is around 64m_tau. It's producing photons, not muons, but that just means there's a different decay channel available for this mass, right?

A more urgent theoretical question is whether we suppose that there is a sequence of states with mass 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x... m_tau, or whether we just jump straight from 2, 4, 8 to 64. Interestingly, the latter four numbers have a status as "Hermite constants" related to hyperspatial packing densities. Those are the Hermite constants for 3, 4, 5 and 7 dimensions. Hyperspace theorists, this is your chance!

[*] quite a few


  1. Indeed!

    I thought I might post a belated April Fools paper myself as one lady posted linked to facebook on the number of gods in the universe and the geometry.

    But other than the colorful details of such a crackpot imagination uncertainty and sleeping on it I have strange thoughts where the joke is on us for the whole physics community of the last century.

    It will be called: Large Hadron Collider Rediscovers the Ether :-) Well, until maybe we better understand this concept of dark matter and if say a Higgs or Majorana particle is shown (actually your theory here is close to possble truths of facts if not the usual theories of standard physics.

    Well, like the Titanic the standard theory may be unsinkable after all- I mean some have thought there are so many fairy fields and none of the absolutes on a higher conceptual level. Perhaps all in the frontier is such a fata morgana illusion or paradox even as we see or interpret bits of light from space, invariant or not.

    The PeSla

  2. Paper on AMS-02 talks about 2 tau and 4 tau states resulting from dark matter decay. The authors are talking about end-states, whereas the multi-tau states above were intermediate states... Maybe there's some new force that only affects the third generation, producing multi-tau bound states / resonances?