Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Higgs coupling and top Yukawa

Jester blogs about SM vacuum stability (and Lubos comments).

Alejandro Rivero has pointed out many times that the top yukawa is unnaturally close to 1, and I think this ought to be tackled in conjunction with the Higgs coupling. For the Higgs coupling one might look for a watered-down version of asymptotic safety (that is, a less stringent assumption which nonetheless reproduces the final stages of the Shaposhnikov-Wetterich prediction for the Higgs mass). Meanwhile, the only paper known to me which even talks about the top yukawa being close to unity is arxiv:1203.3825.

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  1. Clearly there is something strange about the top quark- that is it is as if there are only 5 quarks which makes some sense as the icosahedral roots of the fifth order equations (so beyond our quaint Euclidean ideas of ten dimensions) we have to dig a little deeper in the symmetry. What this means is that if the quark can be "unnaturally" near unity it is also in a sense at a zero or flat space. But what is unity in terms of fractional electric charge but a number problem and one of scale? There is more to it than ideas of stability- it is our foundational ideas of string and other theories that is the unnatural interpretation here. Hearing of the discovery of that quark I assumed I made a mistake- intuitively rather rare- only lately I realized what my concern was- and if this is an eight dimensional thing clearly there is the height of round things that fill the space of cube things and after all the higgs idea should be close to this natural dimensional equivalence- justified intuitively- it is a matter of seeing the world as a unified theory and it intelligible in the count of things that unifies first of all the ideas of the finite such as Klein and the continuous of Lie... The world is in that way quasifinite and combinationally dynamic.

    L. Edgar Otto the PeSla pesla.blogspot com