Sunday, April 28, 2013

A model-building resource for cosmic numerologists

"Stationary dark energy" presents a model of energy transfer between dark energy, dark matter, and baryonic matter, in which the density fractions can asymptote to desired values: "Choosing the parameters we can ensure that the final state is, for instance, Ωϕ = 0.7 and Ωm = 0.3. Once reached, these values will remain fixed forever." (ϕ is a dark-energy scalar.) So if your theory of everything requires that ΩDE should be 2/3, or 1-1/π, or 9/4π, here's a phenomenological model, complete with equations, that you can build on.


  1. For example, Ω_ϕ = 2/3 if β = 5/√2 and μ = 4/√2, in equation 4.

  2. Peter Rowlands makes an independent argument for Ω_ϕ = 2/3, while A. Garcés Doz suggests that it equals ln 2.