Monday, March 10, 2014

Various developments

Emilio Torrente-Lujan has updated a tHWZ numerology paper to include a number of new relations, and Stephen Adler has put out "SU(8) unification with boson-fermion balance", sketching a theory that would resemble N=8 supergravity, but without actually being supersymmetric. Further comments to come.

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  1. The energy momentum equation, and factoring in four solutions with energy and imaginary momentum.

    The symmetry of the Higgs vacuum. ( virtual particles )
    1) E1² = m²c⁴+p²c² = (imc²+pc)(-imc²+pc) (1)

    E2² = m²c⁴+p²c² = (imc²-pc)(-imc²-pc) (2)

    E3² = m²c⁴+p²c² = (mc²+ipc)(mc²-ipc) (3)

    E4² = m²c⁴+p²c² = (-mc²+ipc)(-mc²-ipc) (4)

    E1²+E2²+E3²+E4²= 4E² ==> 2E = min(h/delta(t) ) ( Heisenberg uncertainty principle )

    2) Particles standard model Higgs vacuum limit: (246.2196509 Gev )

    quarks masses ( Gev): mu = 0.0216 md = 0.048 mc = 1.275

    ms=0.935 mb= 4.18 mt= 173.3

    lepton masses: me = 5.109989276 x10⁻⁴ muon = 0.1056583714
    tau = 1.776820438

    Boson masses ( mass at rest >0 ) mw = 80.384 mz= 91.1876 mh = 126.177

    Sum quarks( mu+md+mc+ms+mb+mt )² +Sum leptons(me+muon+tau)²

    +mw²+mz²+mh²= E1²+E2²+E3²+E4²= 4E² ; E= mh = 126.177 ( higgs boson )

    3) (mu²+md²+mc²+ms²+mb²+mt²)+ (me²+tau²+muon²)+ (mw²+mz²+mh²) =mvh²

    mvh = 246.2196509 (Higgs vacuum value)

    4) 2mvh²= Sum quarks( mu+md+mc+ms+mb+mt )² +Sum leptons(me+muon+tau)²+ Sum Bosons(mw+mz+mh)²

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    "The zeros of Riemann's Function And Its Fundamental Role In Quantum Mechanics"

    Authors: A.Garc├ęs Doz

    This paper presents a proof of the fundamental connection between the zeros of the Riemann function and quantum mechanics. Two results that unify gravity and electromagnetism, by exact calculation, both the elementary electric charge and mass of the electron. These two results depend directly on the sum of the imaginary parts of the zeros of the Riemann function, exactly following the Hilbert-Polya conjecture. This summatory, is the exponential sums of all the negative values ​​of the imaginary part of all zeros of the Riemann function.The main consequences are: scales of the Planck length gravity becomes repulsive, through the interaction of the gravitinos. Special relativity is a special case of a generalization, in which the geometry of a wormhole (hyperbolic geometry) implies that the energy of the tachyon states is zero, only if the velocity at the outer surface of the wormhole is infinite, or what is the same: an observer at rest can not distinguish an infinite speed of zero velocity, both are equivalent. There is not mere speculation; since only under this assumption the mass of the electron as a function of the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function is calculated. Time ceases to exist, takes the value zero. These wormholes would explain the quantum entanglement, as well as resolve the paradox of information loss in black holes. Fundamental constants used in this calculation are: elementary charge, gravitational Newton constant, Planck mass, mass of the electron, and fine structure constant for zero momentum.

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