Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Entropy at the Planck Scale" by D. Kobayashi and U. Hawking

"Partial progress has been made in recent years on models of spacetime foam. Therefore, in the 20th century, work on models of cosmic rays has opened up a modified class of patch inflationary models. We determine a crucial correspondence between nonzero integrability and the non-special lagrangian brane MSSM. Anomaly constraints are also recalled. After deriving extremal black holes, we check that Geometric Langlands-duality in models of quarks relates to renormalization. Thus, there is much to be done."

The final paper on today's snarxiv. I think this one speaks for itself. Obviously, models of spacetime foam are relevant for entropy at the Planck scale. One can see why new models of cosmic rays (if they are primordially produced... or produced by primordial instantons in the interstellar medium) would have an impact on models of inflation. It's always worthwhile to discover new mathematical properties of realizations of the MSSM, and it's great to see Langlands duality being applied to phenomenology. There is much to be done, indeed.

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