Thursday, June 16, 2011

"On Neutralino Collisions" by Z. S. Fermi

"We determine an essential correspondence between a resolution of the strong CP problem and some general frameworks. RS1 is also generalized, explaining a holographic superconductor in generalized inflation, as we will see in this paper. Unfortunately, in recent years, minimal progress was made on models of charginos. Reconstructing is made easier by reformulating an entropic resolution of the U(1) problem. We also check agreement with some little-known cases. Three-fluid fluctuations at the LHC follow from the Lagrangian in topologically twisted QFTs."

Initial impression: Z.S. Fermi is easier to interpret than H.R. Gell-Mann, but this is because the abstract contains fewer inherently challenging combinations. Then again, the very plausibility of its blandness could be used to up the ante. Can I come up with a genuine reason why someone writing about neutralino collisions would be generalizing RS1, how they could find a holographic superconductor in "generalized" inflation, what the "entropic resolution of the U(1) problem" might be, or what the "three-fluid fluctuations at the LHC" might be?

But it's all so generic! The "U(1) problem", for example, sounds like a technical problem known only to experts working in a particular sub-sub-field (such as the study of charginos and neutralinos in generalizations of the RS1 scenario). "Three-fluid fluctuations at the LHC" sounds a little more baroque, but obviously it's new TeV-scale physics predicted by the model, and who am I to say that we won't discover three new "fluids" (perhaps they are components of dark energy?) when we do get to that scale?

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