Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Reformulating Cosmic Rays at CDMS: Heterotic String Theory Far From a Stack of Canonical Co-isotropic Branes"

Authors: B. Witten, U. S. Fermi, I. N. Sundrum, H. Unruh

"Boundary-dualities on a \Z_9 bundle over m-manifolds unsurprisingly depend on examining bosonic strings surrounded by an instanton. In short, in recent years, Seiberg checked that anomaly constraints are spontaneous. As an interesting outcome of this work for the Hamiltonian in Heterotic string theory, in this paper, in order to establish that instantons in the interstellar medium are primordial, we solve the confinement problem, thoroughly exploring that ghosts turn out to be equivalent to formulating models of hadrons. Our computation of Clebsch-Gordon decomposition on Anti de Sitter Space produces cosmic rays in the interstellar medium. While surveying boundary-duality in superconformal QED dimensionally reduced on n copies of P^1 fibered over S^n, we derive that, whenever perturbation theory in a nonperturbative CFT on R^n is simple, Gromov-Witten invariants in an adjoint Quantum Field Theory on R^2 are useful for demystifying some general illustrations."

Now this sounds promising (and exhausting). Boundary dualities! A Z_9 bundle! Bosonic strings surrounded by an instanton! And that's just in the first sentence. But let's skip over the heavy mathematics and find the essential physical ideas in this paper. These are "that instantons in the interstellar medium are primordial" and that "Clebsch-Gordon decomposition on Anti de Sitter Space produces cosmic rays in the interstellar medium". (Obviously cosmic rays are a theme in today's snarxiv papers.) What Does It Mean?

Let's start by considering what it would mean for these interstellar instantons to not be primordial. Usually, a primordial object or effect is one that has been around since the big bang, but instantons are, well, instant. They don't hang around. Therefore, when we call a contemporary instanton "primordial", it must mean that it derives from a primordial cause, such as a big bang remnant. Parenthetically, let us note that one would not normally expect the interstellar medium to contain instantons, it's not dynamically exciting in that way. We must therefore be talking about an unusual class of models in which instantons do occur and have consequences (such as cosmic-ray production), and in which a further distinction may be made between instantons that are primordially caused and those which have contemporary causes.

As for the relevance of anti de Sitter space, I suspect that here we have an application of AdS/CFT duality to the exotic interstellar plasma which is the site of these cosmic-ray-generating instantons. Some technical calculations (Clebsch-Gordan decomposition) in the AdS dual of the plasma establish that it does indeed have the necessary instantons. And this is all performed in the context of a heterotic braneworld model.

That one was easy. Next!

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